Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC):  Founded 10 years ago, LCMC is an association of Lutheran churches dedicated to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Zion has been a member of LCMC since 2007.  For more information, please see:

MOSAIX Network:  Since we desire to be an intentionally integrated congregation, we belong to the MOSAIX Network.  MOSAIX is a relational network of local church pastors/planters, researchers, educators and ministry leaders, that exists to catalyze the growing movement toward multi-ethnic economically diverse churches. For more information:

Willow Creek Association (WCA):  One of the foremost forces for good change in North American Christianity. For more information:

Catalyst:  The core vision of Catalyst is to impact the next generation by creating “change agents” throughout the church that possess wisdom and understanding.  By helping these leaders grow in their leadership ability – Catalyst can have impact on an entire generation.  For more info:

PI 515: In the last four years, PI 515 has transformed from an idea to a vibrant organization that is helping shape the future for many under-served youth in Iowa. It is held in the lower level of Zion Lutheran Church teaching computer skills to under-served youth, mainly refugees, in hopes to see them through high school and beyond. It is run by Nancy Mwirotsi check out their website at




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