Worship and Music

In worship we turn everything over to God, acknowledge that He is great, acknowledging our position in relation to His greatness, and then stepping back to see God for who He is, and ourselves for who He has made us to be! We believe that our worship of Jesus includes two aspects. First, worship means taking time OUT of the rush of life to intentionally offer praise to God. Second, we believe worship is a lifestyle, that as followers of Jesus we are meant to be living as a sacrifice to the Master - which is your spiritual act of worship. The way we live should be an act of worship because all of my life ought to offer praise God. The praise of God should lead to the service of God, which in turn should lead back to the praise of God.

We gather to offer praise to God each week through corporate song, prayer, preaching, and fellowship; we do so in a variety of languages. Our 9 and 10:30am English services meet in the sanctuary, and are a blend of traditional and contemporary elements leaning towards a contemporary, laid back sound. We worship in Swahili at 10:30 am in the Music Room, in Arabic in the Prayer Chapel at the same time, and at 1pm in the sanctuary in Mizo. We are blessed to praise and celebrate our Lord in a variety of styles and sounds at Zion.

Here at Zion, we are always interested in finding people who wish to use their talents to praise God. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional there is always an opportunity to “get plugged in”. Contact Sherilyn at with questions or to get involved.

Worship Staff

Sherilyn Rittgers

English Worship Leader

Boaz Nkingi

East African Worship Leader


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