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Connect and Go!

God wired us to connect...with Him and each other. If you are wondering how to get connected with Him and with others, check out the many classes, seminars, teams, groups and volunteer opportunities offered at Zion. 

4 Chapter Group
Although we are not meeting in person, our M'Cheyne "4 Chapter Group" continues to read our Bible.  Contact Polly Pattison at 991-7173 for any questions. The M'Cheyne readings are listed below.

April 13: Lv 17| Ps 20-21| Pr 31 |1 Ti 2
April 14: Lv 18| Ps 22| Eccl 1| 1 Ti 3
April 15: Lv 19 | Ps 23-24| Eccl 2| 1 Ti 4
April 16: Lv 20| Ps 25| Eccl 3| 1 Ti 5
April 17: Lv 21|Ps 26-27| Eccl 4| 1 Ti 6
April 18: Lv 22|Ps 28-29| Eccl 5| 2 Ti 1
April 19: Lv 23|Ps 30| Eccl 6| 2 Ti 2
April 20: Lv 24| Ps 31|Eccl 7| 2 Ti 3

Men's Breakfast Bible Study: Cancelled 

This study is for the early riser! Join this welcoming group of guys every Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. A delicious breakfast is served, followed by a Bible book study that always promises a great conversation!

NEW: Adult Bible Study with Pastor Tina: Cancelled

Join Pastor Tina and others as we investigate John's gospel. Why does John's writings seem to contain confusing messages? Why does John's gospel differ from Matthew, Mark and Luke? What can this first century disciple teach us today about living a life that reflects the love of Jesus?

Class meets in Room 168, Lower Level, at 10:30 am. Bring your Bible and discover the timeless truth of the gospel message.

 INSTE Class : Next Class Starts in August

What is INSTE? It's an acronym for Institute of Theology by Extension. Founded in Spain under the auspices of the Open Bible Churches, INSTE extended to many churches and denominations in that country. Now translated into English as well as 15 other languages, INSTE is being used in many nations around the world.  

The INSTE curriculum is divide into two levels of study.  Level One, called Ministry Training, and is designed to help the student in his/her development as a disciple of Christ.  The purpose of Level Two, Leadership Development, is to prepare men and women for church leadership.  

The curriculum was developed by friends of Zion, Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti. Leona Venditti has agreed to offer the first training class, Discipleship 1, here at Zion in the near future. We are planning a mixed class of Swahili, English and Mizo service members.  This is a grand and historic experiment, not just for Zion, but for INSTE as well.  And who better to teach our inaugural class than the author herself? 

Pastor John is looking to INSTE to provide consistent biblical and theological training to our members and provide a way for us to develop the next generation of leaders at Zion. INSTE will also help us become One Church with One Vision by giving us a common theological training and vocabulary. Interested in more?  Talk to Pastor John.

What are you waiting for? Now is the right time to connect with God and with others as you reach out and serve the community, study, and celebrate together. 


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