Jesus Says, "Go!"

Zion tries to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by loving our neighborhood.  We are open to exploring every good idea and every request as we try to proclaim our Savior by serving others.  A few of things we're doing:


Wednesday Night Meals

Wednesday Night Community Meal: Zion provides a meal for anyone who is hungry each Wednesday night during the school year. Come and join us! videoDonate


Clothes Closet:  Our clothes closet is well stocked and is open Monday - Thursday, 10 a.m. - Noon.  We are happy to receive your donated items of gently used clothing and household items.   

STARS Kids:  Our neighborhood schools are full with English Language Learner students. On Wednesday nights, during the school year, we try to provide English language and reading help for students in elementary through high school. We provide a safe environment for them to ask questions, enjoy some food and fun, and gain cultural and reading literacy. STARS stands for SERVE, TEACH, ADVOCATE, REACH, and SEND, which are our five primary objectives. Click here to see the STARS Kids Flyer. Find out more...

Street Outreach:  Join us every third Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. to make 150 sack lunches and sort clothing and supplies for our area homeless.  Stay around for the second phase, delivering the meals and supplies to those living in camps or on the street.  Everyone is offered prayer as well. Volunteers and donations of food and supplies are welcome.  

Furniture Ministry:  Zion's lobby is usually full of donated furniture that is available for anyone seeking to set up housekeeping.  Donations can be brought to the church and we have teams that will deliver to families in need. Volunteers are always welcome to help receive and deliver furniture for new families to our city. 

Community Gardens:  Zion has dedicated a portion of our property for garden plots.  The plots are awarded to people who have no other access to land for growing their own food.  We especially want new immigrants and refugees to have access to these plots.  We can always use help maintaining the garden area.  There are currently 60 plots. 

ESL Classes:  We currently have level English classes each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Sunday classes begin at 10:30 am. Tuesday and Thursday classes are from 6-8 pm. 

Partnership with Local Schools:  We try to have an excellent relationship with our local schools by providing volunteers, clothes, and supplies as the school requests.  In addition, we try to give every student in the local elementary school a book twice a year.  Church vans are frequently used to transport classes from local schools to field trips because the costs of using a school bus are so high.  Check the news and announcements for the next service opportunity.

Vacation Bible School:  Please check the website for dates and times.  We try to maintain contact with the children of our community during the summer.  Volunteers are always needed.  

Summer Camps:  Working in conjunction with summer camps in Iowa, each year we send as many of our neighborhood kids to camp as possible.  Our current goal is to send 100 kids a year.  We believe that going to summer camps helps the kids learn social skills and English. Camp broadens their horizons and perspectives and gives them a good look at the world outside our neighborhood.  It also introduces them to the gospel.  

Christmas Gifts:  Each Christmas, Zion asks the congregation to contribute Christmas gifts for the children in the STARS Kids  program on Wednesday nights.  Zion seeks partnerships with local businesses and community members to provide presents for around 600 children.  

Global Outreach:  Since so many in our community come from other places around the world it is impossible not to develop a global perspective.  Consequently, we send people and resources for community development and evangelism to Cambodia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Jordan, India and Myanmar.  

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