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Our Understanding of Church

We understand that the Church is the followers of Jesus together. The Church is people of all nations, ethnicities, generations, abilities. It is a place where opposites are reconciled, where there is no longer any Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor

female, because we are all in Christ Jesus together and he is our new identity.

We understand that the Church is universal, triumphant and militant, that it exists in all

times and all places, both here on earth and in heaven, and that we are a part of

something that is so much bigger than we are.  (Galatians 3:26-29)


We understand that the Church is the banquet (Luke 14) and that Jesus is the host and

we are the messengers who are called to invite the world to the party and we are to

serve at that party so that those who were on the outside may become those on the

inside.  (Luke 14:16-24)


We understand that the Church is the 99 sheep who await with joy and gladness the

return of the shepherd and of the lost brother. We understand that we are the brother

who stayed with the Father and that we share in all that He has and that we are to

rejoice with him when our prodigal siblings return. We understand that we are to help

with the banquet to welcome home those who have been far away from God.  (Luke 15:3-7;11-32)


We understand that at different times we are all the lost brother and the sheep who went astray.  Therefore we are gracious and hospitable to those who are far from God in the hopes that they will come home to Him. 


We understand that the Church is to be a servant to all, that we are to wash the feet of

everyone as our Master taught us. By doing these simple acts of kindness, with great

love, we show the love of God to all and especially to our Lord Christ. We understand

that to love someone as Christ has loved us is not an abstract thing but rather that love

is expressed in concrete ways.  (John 13:13-17; Mt 25:35-40)


We understand that Church is sent on a mission.  Jesus says, “Go!”  Too often the Church sits and waits for people to come to her. Jesus told us to go and we believe him. Ministry is “out there.” Out there is where the one’s who need his light and love are waiting for Him to come to them. How can He go if we don’t take him with us?  (Matthew 28:19-20) 


We understand that the Church is organized according to spiritual gifts  that the Lord has given to us through the Holy Spirit in the same way that a body is organized into organs. Some are gifted to lead, some to teach, some to minister and so on. All these gifts work together in harmony so that His great Body might be made real in the here and now. We understand that such a way of being organized requires us to die to our selves, to submit to one another out of love, not lording it over one another but that we must become the least, the last and the servant of all. (Ephesians 4:11-13)


We understand that the Church, to be the real manifestation of Christ, must be

completely transparent and completely honest. Therefore, we must speak the truth in

love to one another, we must bear one another’s burdens, and we must reconcile with

each other and not allow any unresolved conflicts to fester. Failure to live in such a way

creates divisions and divisions keep the body from achieving unity and being a faithful

representative of Christ.  (Colossians 3:12-14)


As a church, a part of that greater Church, we want to do something beautiful for Jesus,

just like the woman in Matthew who anointed Jesus. We want every act of service, large or small, to be done with a great love that will somehow honor and minister to Jesus, our Lord King. (Matthew 26:6-10). 

Thanks for reading!  God bless you.  PJ

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