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Our Greatest Challenge

Our biggest challenge at Zion isn’t money; though you’d think so by how often we talk about it.

Our biggest challenge at Zion isn’t having enough volunteers; though you’d think so by how often we talk about it.

Our biggest challenge at Zion is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples and so on.

We have amazing ability in our community to serve people. Our serving has made us a hub of activity throughout the week. But what good is it if we aren’t making disciples of Jesus who make disciples?

You should never measure the success of a church by how big the crowd is. Or by how much money it gives away. The big question must always be: does the church make disciples who make disciples?

What is a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples? It is someone who lives their life with Jesus. When Jesus says, “Follow me,” he’s actually saying, “Walk with me.” In other words, he’s inviting us to share his life and make him a part of everything we do. A disciple walks with Jesus every day and submits to Jesus’ instruction and guidance in his/her every move.

Spiritual growth is found in making Jesus a part of everyday life. Disciples are made when they see Jesus in you. When others can tell that you’ve spent time with Jesus and are drawn to you so you can introduce them to Him. And then they go on to walk with him and eventually invite others to come and walk with Him as well. It requires time and relationship.

How does this happen? It’s more than inviting someone to church. It’s inviting someone to share your life with Jesus so that they, too, can learn from him and become obedient to him. Discipleship happens best outside of programming. It happens best in the sharing of life. Are we willing to share our lives with others? To open our homes, our families, our everything to others so that they can see how a disciple lives? When we are, then I believe that the Holy Spirit will work through us to draw others to Jesus so that through us, he can teach them how to live.

Jesus has to do the heavy lifting in disciple making. Our chief concern is that we are walking with him and mindful of the others who are waiting for us to invite them along for the journey.

In over 200 years of Christianity in the US I’m not convinced we’ve actually made many disciples who makes disciples of Jesus. I think we’ve focused on getting people to go to church and go along with what we want to do. Now we are reaching the end of our supply of recycled Christians who were born into faith. Now we have no choice, for our own survival, let alone the command of Jesus, to go and make disciples. This is our learning edge. This is where we must concentrate our efforts. Thanks for reading. God bless you. PJ

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