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This Zion Kids announcement contains all news related to Sunday School. Please make sure to check it weekly so you can stay in the know about what's going on in your child's class.

Fall Sunday School

Our first class will be September 8, 2019. We need teachers for the elementary grade levels and small group leaders for the confirmation kids. Below are the times, number of needed teachers in parentheses and teacher commitments:

10:30 AM

Music: Katie Scott

Nursery: Grace Nyahosa

Preschool: (2)

K-1 Grade: Jamie Naig, Cinnamon Rost

2-3 Grade: Bonnie Taylor, Heather Armstrong

4-6 Grade Boys: Mike Naig, Bruce Michalowski

4-6 Grade Girls: (2)

Jr. High: Nancy Fasse, Grace Kline, Lori Eubanks

High School: Eric Taylor


11:30 AM

Preschool: (2)

K-3: (2)

4-6: (2)

Jr. High: (2)


Wednesday Night STARS

Our first class will be September 18, 2019. Pastor John will continue to lead the confirmation class and we are hopeful that we can re-introduce programming for the younger children.

Pastor John's Small Groups

10-15 Group Leaders: Nancy Fasse, Josh Saba(after track section), Eric Taylor, Jami Hansen

Preschool: (2)

K-1 Grade: (2)

2-3 Grade: (2) Susie Folkerts

4-6 Grade Boys (2) David Schaeffer, Galen Svestka

4-6 Grade Girls (2) Katie Scott


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