What We're Doing 12.31

What We're Doing

End of the Year Giving
If you are interested in giving a tax deductible donation to Zion to round out 2017- please plan to turn in all checks by Sunday December 31st. All donations received by then, will be marked for 2017. Thank you for your generosity throughout the year! Statements will be sent in early February.


Looking for Sponsors
Make a difference in the life of a youth in Tanzania.  Some parents in our sister Mhezi congregation cannot afford to send their children to secondary school.  For only $100 a year for four years, you can cover the cost for them.  Check with any Mhezi Team member or call Karen Walters Crammond at 371-8135.  We would like to have eight more sponsors identified before January 1.
Muslim-Christian Dialog at Zion on Sunday, January 21st from 6-8pm
See announcement below for more info.
A question and answer time will follow presentation. Come and get to know your Islamic neighbor and how he sees God. The more we understand our neighbor, the easier it becomes to love. Come at 6 and bring a dish to share for a potluck supper.  6:30 we will start and go 3 days of Prayer with LCMC
Prayer is a gift that God has given to us as a means to approach the throne of grace with confidence. It is a time to express the deepest heartaches and the greatest joy. Prayer is a conversation between the Creator and the created. Organize these three days anyway that seems good to you. Spend part of each day praying for the church, unsaved , our community, our state and our country.

Zion's first Sunday morning field trip
One of the biggest obstacles to Christian unity is that we fail to worship together. We all go to our own churches and worship and learn and serve independently. Usually this leads to isolation and disunity. This denies our city the chance to see the greater Body of Christ coming together. One big reason for this is that each church needs to collect it's own offerings in order to survive. So let's be the church that breaks that mold. Let's be the one to step out in faith and believe that we can go and visit another church on a Sunday morning and still survive. Please come and join us Sunday, February 4, at 11am at Reconciler's Worship Center, 920 31st Street, DSM 50312. The Rev. Billy Young, pastor of Reconciler's will preach. He promises they are done by 12:30. No matter what Zion will continue to hold regular services at 9 & 10:30am for those who can't join us. Why do we struggle with racism" Perhaps we fail to worship together and share life. Let's try something new and break the mold. Please join us.

Community Activity
Pastors and Ministers Alliance presents: The Mountain Top Experience
On Sunday, January 14, 2018, you are invited to the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Service.  from 4-6pm, The service will take place at Reconcilers Worship Center (920 31st, DSM, 50312.  Come and join us as we honor and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through a powerful and inspirational service. Please mark your calendars. 

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