Things We're Praying About

Things We're Praying About

Every Third Sunday we pray intentionally for the ministries of Zion. Please pray for the following ministries and groups at Zion.
(Mizo Translation) Chawlhkawr thumnaah chuan Zion rawngbawlna atan i tawngtai ang u.
  • Worship 
  • Sunday School 
  • Third Thursday 
  • Care Team 
  • Westside Early Education (WEE) 
  • Priscilla Circle 
  • STARS Kids 
  • Mizo Service 
  • Swahili Service 
  • Arabic Service 
  • Building and Grounds 
  • Adult Discipleship 
  • Trust Fund 
  • Apartment Outreaches 
  • Street Outreach 
  • Summer Bible Camp 
  • Jobs 
  • Monday Night Supper Club 
  • Clothes Closet
  • Sunday Morning Breakfast 
  • Quilters 
  • ESL Classes 
  • Community Gardens 
  • Wednesday Night Meals 
  • Backpack Buddies 
  • Furniture Ministry 
  • Alcoholics Anonymous 
  • Narcotics Anonymous 
  • Mhezi Ministry Team
  • Lutheran Church of South Sudan
  • Lutheran Asian Mission Society
  • PI 515 
  • Iraqi Community in Iowa  
  • Pastor Al Perez and the Regenerate 7 Group of pastors


Prayers for Neighborhood Churches 
Each week we encourage you to pray for another church in our city.  Since we are all part of the Church of Jesus Christ together, there is only one church in our city.  We pray so that the prayer of Jesus (John 17) may come true:  "I pray that they may all be one."


Our prayer focus this week is  the Hmong Alliance Church, Pastor Chai Kao Moua.  Please pray for pastor Chai and the challenges of his Hmong community connecting with other people in his neighborhoods.  Since the shootings there have been fear with the Hmong folks.  They are taking precautions even on Sundays to keep themselves fenced in during service.  Also pray for the barriers there are with their perception of other people groups surrounding their church.  Some perceptions are false stereotypes about these people groups.  Pray for more opportunities to bridge those divides as people of God. 

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