Lutheran Asian Mission Society Update

An update from Cambodia

Happy Easter!  


May the gloried Lord richly bless you and family. And bless our Zion Congregation!

I'm alright. Just busy with preaching and teaching schedules. A couple of congregations need Pastors, and some churches in far areas need bible teachers, so I have to go to those areas often to help those places. 

Vietnamese Pastors and Seminarians come from Vietnam to work with me here in Cambodia. Some of them come and stay in Cambodia for a month. Of course, I have Cambodia people (Cambodians) and people live in Cambodia who speak English and speak Cambodian languages work with me too.

Some regions of the country of Cambodia, South Vietnam, North Thailand are getting drought. Lost their crops and have problems... 

I want to thank you Pastor JOHN, and our ZION Family (Congregation) for keep me in your prayers.




Love you all,


John Dovinh,
Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

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