Easter Sunday Announcements

Easter Announcements

Last Week
Iowa Prayer Breakfast
Pastors and members of Zion attended the 56th annual Iowa Prayer Breakfast. The event features Bible readings, music and speakers.
STARS Academy
Younger Zion STARS students enjoyed a Gospel presentation and an Easter egg hunt on Wednesday- thank you to everyone who donated eggs and to the volunteers that made the event possible.
Older Zion STARS students attended a community youth worship event at Ministerio Nuevo Amanecer last Wednesday. Thank you to all those that drove and chaperoned the students.
Remember- Today, April 1st is the last day will have Emily Jackson taking pictures for our Directory. Please stop by the Lobby to update your information. Thanks!
Easter Sunday
There will be MORE Easter eggs this morning! It will start at 10:30am.
Office Closed
Please remember that the Zion offices will be closed on Monday, April 2ndin honor of Easter.
Easter Lilies
Thank you to all those who placed Easter lilies in the sanctuary to honor loved ones. If you would like to take your lily home to enjoy, please feel free.
Thank you to the Mizo congregation for the beautiful tulips!
Donations or Offerings online? Visit:  https://bit.ly/2wUzzRI 
Thank you for your generosity! 
What Ministry is Jesus showing you? 
Zion Church wants to empower you to serve. When we share our collective prayers, leadership, volunteer time, and resources, our community and world is changed for the better.  God is glorified and people see Jesus. Let us know where God is leading you and how we can help! Contact us at
Happening Now
Intentional Connection Group
On April 8 from 12:30 to 1:30 we will be having an Intentional Connection Group after our potluck. We have room for 30 people.  The goal is to have people represented from all of our culture groups here at Zion.  We look forward to connecting in deeper ways.  This group will be a safe place to share our hearts and listen as others share their stories.  Please sign up in the lobby if you plan to attend.  If you sign up, you are only committing to the one meeting.  We hope to have more in the future.  Thank you!
Waiting List for Garden Plots 
Drake University Orchestra  
Drake University's four choirs and a faculty/student orchestra will present Beethoven's brilliant and moving "Mass in C Major" on April 21 (7:30 pm) and April 22 (3 pm) at St. Ambrose Cathedral, 607 High Street in downtown Des Moines.  Tickets ($17 for non-students; $7 for students of any age) are available online at www.drake.edu/choralperformances/ and at the Drake Fine Arts Box Office, 515.271.3841.  For further information, contact Dr. Aimee Beckmann-Collier (271-2841; aimee.beckmann- ).
Summer Bible Camp
Summer Bible Camp is fast approaching and Zion is still in need of the bug spray and towels for the students who will be attending. Donations can be placed in the church office labeled "Summer Camp." Thank you for your generosity and to all those who have already given to this ministry!
STARS Engineering Class
STARS is in need of Legos, building blocks and Keva planks for their engineering class. If you would like to donate please leave them in the office or contact Leah Noble  . Thanks!
Office Closed
The Zion office will be closed Monday, April 2 to give our Pastors and staff time with their families in honor of Easter.
Meet our Mhezi Students
In 2010, Sophia began 4 years of secondary school funded by a scholarship sponsored through the Zion Mhezi Scholarship Program. Sophia is the youngest of 8 children; her widowed mother farms, raising beans, potatoes, other vegetables and bananas. After completing secondary school, Sophia enrolled at Same Folk Development College in a 2-year seamstress program. She could enroll thanks to her secondary school sponsors who continued to fund her seamstress training, which she completed in 2016.
When the Zion mission team visited Mhezi Parish in 2017, they met Sophia and her mother and learned that in order to "set up shop," she needed her own sewing machine. Fortunately, some donors had sent money with the team to meet needs they encountered, so funds were given to the Mhezi Treasurer to buy Sophia a sewing machine. One of those donors, upon hearing how her donation was used, felt moved to make another gift, so Sophia could purchase
fabric, thread and sewing supplies for her new business.
Sophia's sponsors over 6 years, during which they received letters from her about her life and learning, feel blessed to have supported her to receive an education and learn skills that many Tanzanians, especially girls, don't always manage, which will give Sophia a more secure future.

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