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Last Week
Third Thursday
Thank you to Mary Bracken for sharing her experience in the communications industry. She is currently the communications and outreach coordinator at Iowa Public Television and works in partnership with Iowa groups and organizations to increase the life and extend the value of IPTV's broadcast programs.
Juneteenth at Zion
Thank you to Pastor Hobbs Jr. and his family for organizing Juneteenth celebration last Tuesday. Juneteenth is the oldest know celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The event had near 50 attendees.
Death of Pr. Gene Hermeier
This week Zion was notified of the death of former Zion pastor, Gene Hermeier. Pr. Hermeier passed away peacefully Sunday, June 17, 2018. Cards may be forwarded to his wife, Ruby Heirmeier at Sunrise Senior Living, 7128 France Ave. South, Unit 308, Edina, MN 55435. Please keep the Hermeier family in your prayers.
STARS Skate Night
Zion hosted a family skating night at Skate North on Wednesday. The event was a blast! Thank you to our drivers and chaperons. Special thanks to Skate North for their hospitality.
Mizo Summer School
The Mizo congregation started Summer School this past Monday. The program runs through August and it focus on bible studies for kids.
Happening Now
Nominations for Open BSO Position
Two positions on the Board of Spiritual Oversight (BSO) are open for nominations. Nomination forms can be picked up in the church office on Ximena's desk and are due by June 27th. This position is a for three-year term. Please prayerfully consider who would be a good fit for these roles. Candidates should adhere to the concepts of Biblical leadership characteristics, as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-4, 6, 7; Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4:
Overall spiritual maturity -is a mature Christian
Above reproach- has a good Christian reputation, among believers and non-Christians.
Marital Faithfulness- is faithful to spouse
Temperate- maintains balance in their Christian experience
Prudent- is wise and discerning
Respectable- life is a good reflection of the life of Jesus Christ
Hospitable- is generous
Able to teach communicates well, even to those with whom they disagree
Not addicted to wine- controls obsessions and compulsions
Not self-willed-relates well to other people without being self-centered and controlling
Not quick-tempered- able to control anger
Not pugnacious- does not commit any form of verbal or physical abuse
Gentle- is objective and fair-minded in relationships with others
Uncontentious- avoids getting into arguments
Free from the love of money- is not materialistic
One who manages his/ her own household well- functions according to God's plan
Loving what is good- overcomes evil with good
Just- is just and fair in their relationships
Devout- life reflects God's holiness
Disciplined- lives a disciplined Christian life
Lincoln Christopher Bakkie, son of Mary and James Bakkie will be baptized at Zion today. Sponsors are Holly Feickert and John Hausen.
Robert Milton Bakkiewill also be baptized today. Robert is the great-grandfather of Lincoln.
Congratulations to the Bakkie family!
Bible Summer Camp
Zion is sending 55 students and 3 chaperones to Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible camp today! Please pray for the students, chaperones, drivers, and staff at Ingham throughout the week.

Apartment Outreaches
If you would like to volunteer or donate, please visit any of the signupgenius pages below.
Mhezi News
Today Sunday, June 24, Zion's Mhezi ministry team is sponsoring "Living Water Sunday" to highlight the exciting news of a project to bring a new water system to 3500 people in the Mhezi district of Tanzania. This vital and life-changing project is being undertaken by Rotary International, various local Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts and the Rotary Foundation. Part of Pastor Bob Solberg's memorial fund has been given to Phase 1 of this effort. We feel very blessed to have Amon Noel, the current Rotary President of Same, TZ and GiliardMkumbwa, the manager of the Mhezi water project, with us today Sunday to present a temple talk and be available to answer questions after the service. 

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