03.11.18 Prayers


Every second Sunday we pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Hebrews 13:3 says, "Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering."
(Mizo Translations) Chawlhkawrhnihnaahchuan Krista vangahreawmtuarte tan kantawngtai dawn a niaHebrai 13:3, "Phuaraawmtechuphuarnivenginhrerengulahrehawmtuartechutaksaaawmvebawk in nihavanginhrerengrawh u." Krista tlannazarahkanzainpumkhatkannisi a, tawngtaiiniinpuitawntheuhang u.
By Lindy Lowry
Nineteen-year-old Reena has never known anything else other than that persecution was part of being a Christian in India (her parents came to faith when she was very young).
"Nobody wanted to play with me because they were Hindus and I wasn't," she says, remembering how it was growing up as a Christian. "When I didn't take part in their rituals, they would scold me for it. After school, I just came home and entertained myself."
"My parents explained that persecution will come when you are a Christian. And I wasn't jealous of the Hindus because Jesus gave me joy inside."
As a teenager, Reena went to school in a different village and lived in a youth hostel (as
is customary for young girls in India), free of persecution. But when the family's money ran out, Reena couldn't continue school and was forced to go to work, teaching school.
Persecution in the forms of discrimination and exploitation again surfaced.
Initially told she would receive a salary of 1,500 rupees a month ($23.13), she only received 500 rupees ($7.71) the first two months at the job. At one point, they stopped paying her altogether. Six months later, she quit the job only to find another teaching job a few days later. The school's headmaster invited Reena to a teachers meeting where he offered her some Indian sweets.
"I don't remember anything after that," Reena says quietly.
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Zion, Reconciliation and Native Americans
Zion has bee called to be a place of reconciliation.  As efforts are underway to break down walls and have discussions and find common mission between various groups in our city, we have been asked to request the people of Zion to pray about what reconciliation for the sake of Christ with Native Americans might look like.  If you're willing to undertake this as a prayer burden and seek the face of the Lord and ask him if this is something he wants us to do, please see Pastor John.

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