03.04.18 Announcements


Last Week

A New Mission Partner Directory is coming soon!
Today, Sunday we will have Emily Jackson, a professional photographer, to take family pictures for our new Directory. The dates she is available are:
March 25th from 10 to 11am
April 1st from 10 to 11am
If you are already a Zion member, you will soon have the opportunity to verify your information for the directory. Stay tuned for details.
New Syrian Families
Zion welcomed two new Syrian Families last week. Zion helped with clothes, furniture and food for them. If you would like to help with diapers or food, please stop by the office. Thanks!

Happening Now
Drake Choir and Chamber Choir Concert
The Drake Choir and Chamber Choir invite you to their pre-tour concert on Tuesday, March 6, 7:30 p.m., in Sheslow Auditorium on Drake's campus. The concert, on the eve of the choir's tour of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, will feature music by contemporary American, Korean, and Lithuanian composers, as well as works by Rheinberger, Handel, and Finzi. There is no admission charge.
Des Moines Mothers of Multiples
Save the date for the semi annual Des Moines Mothers of Multiples consignment sale at Zion. The sale will be open to the public Friday March 23 & Saturday March 24. This is a great opportunity to shop for gently used baby and children's items, and support a great organization.
The New Sound of the 10:30 Service
Heaven is a place where every tribe and nation sings the praise of God together.  At Zion's 10:30 service you now get to experience what heaven looks like each week.  
We are so happy to announce that the 10:30 English Service and the 10:30 Swahili Service will worship together in song and prayer for the first 30 minutes of the services weekly. We anticipate Mizo participation in this new format as well.   At the end of our praise time together we'll break off for sermons and teachings in each language.  Sunday School kids will also depart for Sunday School at this time.  
This will now enable us to move closer on the road to unity in Jesus Christ.  It will also allow us to make announcements which affect the entire church, no matter what language you speak.  These are changes that have been seven years in the making.  Church leadership feels the time is now right to realize the dream of worshiping together regularly.
There will be songs in English, Swahili and Kinyamulenge, the native tongue of our Banyamulenge Zion members, and sometimes, Mizo.  There will be extra emphasis given to learning English songs together so that all members can grow in their English skills and minister more effectively in our mission context.  
An added benefit to the discipleship of the Zion congregation is that now we will weekly be reminded that our Christian faith is a global faith, held by a billion people throughout the world and that Jesus Christ is the Savior of that entire world and of all those people, languages, tribes and nations. 
Meet Zion Community Garden's New Coordinators!
Please welcome Vern and Alicia McRoberts to Zion and to the post of Community Garden's Coordinator! Vern and Alicia and their two young sons, Malachi and Zion are new to Zion at the 9:00 service and we welcome them as the gift from God they are. Happy to jump right in and join the Zion community they have agreed to fill the post of Community Garden's Coordinator! Thank you, McRoberts Family!
Are you interested in having a garden plot? Do you want to garden in a multi-ethnic setting? Then please contact Alisha or Vern at   for available space.
Meet our Mhezi Students
Mrindoko Jones has been sponsored by a member of Zion from Form I through Form IV. This is equivalent to our high school. And now is being sponsored in A level education which roughly equates to our junior college. The exam to get into A level is in English and not an easy one to pass. We are so proud of Mrindoko's accomplishments and progress the last four years.
Justine Yohameis a friend and neighbor of Mrindoko's and is also currently in A level classes. He is in need of a sponsor. Bonnie Taylor met him on her last trip to TZ and was very impressed with his use of the English language. He was very interested in our American politics and current events, (President Trump
was just being inaugurated at that time).  She also met his family and visited his home. He is definitely in need of assistance. His tuition would be $268/yr. This is a two year program. If anyone feels led to help Justine with part or all of his education please let Bonnie or any of the 
Mhezi team know.

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