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Last Week
Zion hosted the fourth annual Trivia Night and Silent Auction Fundraiser at FFA Enrichment Center DMACC in Ankeny on Friday evening. Thank you to everyone who attended to raise funds for STARS Summer Bible Camp Scholarships! Special thanks to SherilynRittgers for organizing the event
Zion pastors and interns attended the LCMC Iowa District Pastor's Conference in Story City.  A good time was had by all.  We built our team stronger and showed what the Body of Christ looks like.
This past week Zion had another opportunity to bless a family that are in need. Zion helped them with furniture, food and baby clothes. The mom is pregnant with twins. If you would like to bless them, they are in need of diapers and baby items.
Happening Now
Are you ready to become a Zion Mission Partner?
In our current sermon series we're basically running
you through a new member class. Are you ready to
commit to being a Zion Mission Partner?
If so, simply
a.) Pick up copies of our Statement of Faith (Teaching Statement); Mission, Vision and Values and be certain you subscribe to them.
b.) Fill out the information form found on the purple tables in the lobby area.
c.) Either e-mail us a family photo or have your photo taken on any of the following Sundays March 3rd, 25th or April 1st.
d.) Consider signing up for automatic giving
Return your forms to the information desk or the church office or to any staff member. Thanks!
Time for a New Mission Partner Directory
new, homemade, Zion picture directory will be coming soon. Please submit family pictures in a digital format to the church office or come to Zion on any of the following Sundays and have your picture takenMarch 3rd, 25th or April 1st.
If you are already a Zion member, you will soon have the opportunity to verify your information for the directory. Stay tuned for details.
The New Sound of the 10:30 Service
Heaven is a place where every tribe and nation sings the praise of God together.  At Zion's 10:30 service you now get to experience what heaven looks like each week.  

We are so happy to announce that the 10:30 English Service and the 10:30 Swahili Service will worship together in song and prayer for the first 30 minutes of the services weekly. We anticipate Mizo participation in this new format as well.   At the end of our praise time together we'll break off for sermons and teachings in each language.  Sunday School kids will also depart for Sunday School at this time.  
This will now enable us to move closer on the road to unity in Jesus Christ.  It will also allow us to make announcements which affect the entire church, no matter what language you speak.  These are changes that have been seven years in the making.  Church leadership feels the time is now right to realize the dream of worshiping together regularly.
There will be songs in English, Swahili and Kinyamulenge, the native tongue of our Banyamulenge Zion members, and sometimes, Mizo.  There will be extra emphasis given to learning English songs together so that all members can grow in their English skills and minister more effectively in our mission context.  
An added benefit to the discipleship of the Zion congregation is that now we will weekly be reminded that our Christian faith is a global faith, held by a billion people throughout the world and that Jesus Christ is the Savior of that entire world and of all those people, languages, tribes and nations. 
Learn About Emotional Intelligence
Zion Mission Partner Julie Smith, who sings with the worship team, has become affiliated with a global nonprofit, called Six Seconds, whose mission is to move toward 1 billion people practicing emotional intelligence worldwide. She is trained and certified through this organization and has accepted a volunteer role as an Area Network Leader. As part of that role, she will be offering quarterly, EQ Cafe events. These are free and engaging workshops designed to help participants learn what it means to practice EQ and the impact it has on our effectiveness, well-being, relationships, and quality of life.
The first public EQ Cafe workshop is Friday, February 23, from 1-2:30. You're all invited. You can sign up here: bit.ly/eqpractice
Attending this public workshop would be a great way to see what it's all about.  
It could be a really wonderful way to get people of various cultures and churches interacting with one another. It's fun and it's facilitated, so it would be easier for folks to interact. And it could lead to productive conversations about what it means to work together and do life together in unity and community.
The EQ Cafe events are sponsored by the Six Seconds organization. You can learn more about them here: www.6seconds.org
(You can Julie's video about the workshop here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1893593754284516/)

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