Bulletin Announcements

Services for September 13, 2020
10:30 am English Service Drive-In and Livestream
11:30 am Swahili/Kinyamulenge Service In-Person
1:00 pm Mizo Service Livestream
Services for September 20 and 27, 2020
10:30 am English Service In-Person and Livestream
11:30 am Swahili/Kinyamulenge Service In-Person
1:00 pm Mizo Service Livestream
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Zion Comfort
We love you! How are you holding up? Is there anything we can do for you and your loved ones? Please call us at 515-270-8142, if you need anything. We are here for you!
Zion Giving
Mail:  Zion Lutheran Church
         4300 Beaver Avenue
         Des Moines, IA 50310
Website:  www.ziondsm.org    
Online: paypal.com

Can you make egg bakes for Sunday School?  Our kids come hungry and they love egg bakes.  If you prepare them (don’t bake them) we can freeze them and use them later.  Drop by the office or the freezer Mon-Thur 9-3.

Can you help make lunch (we’ll buy the materials and/or provide recipes or ideas)?  We’re looking for help Mon-Friday, especially Fridays.  We have 10-12 kids a day right now.  This is the tutoring/schooling program Pastor Boaz and Icoach are hosting at Zion for kids affected by the virtual learning experience. 

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for office volunteers! We are currently open Monday through Thursday from 9AM - 3PM. Please call Kim at 515-270-8142 or email   if you would like to help. Thank you!

Internship News
Moise Tuombemungo, a long time friend of Zion, has decided to be Zion's next intern. Welcome Moise!
Come to the Big Party
Intern Nancy Fasse will be ordained during the 10:30 service on September 27. We hope you can participate. If you've never been to an ordination at Zion, it's a lot of fun.   Nancy's kids will be preparing a dinner afterwards in the cafeteria. All are invited. We could use some helpers to help serve the food.  Interested?  Contact Pastor John.
First Saturday Prayer
Shouldn't we be more prayerful during a pandemic?  Come every first Saturday from 10-12 and pray for our world and our nation and our church.  It is an experience you will not soon forget.  Join us October 3rd at Zion.

Drop in Homework Time at Zion : Begins Wednesday, September 9th
We have bandwidth for 20 students to do their virtual class work and homework in the cafeteria. New tables and chairs, socially distanced, are available for participants. This is one way we can help students will no internet at home. Days and hours will be announced once the district finalizes their plans. We're looking for tutors to help with reading and math.  Zion will be open Noon - 3 for homework/school work purposes each Monday and Wednesday during school days until students can return to in-person learning. 
STARS begins September 9
Wednesday Night STARS returns September 9 for grades 4-12.
What? No programming for younger kids? Right now, because of COVID concerns, we do not have enough teachers available for the younger kids.  If you'd like to help us, please let us know and we'll add back as much as we can. We really need some men to help with 4th and 5th grade boys as well. Older kids will have the option of a Bible track or Youth Group track. Thanks to Mizo Youth and Elim Lutheran Church in Randall, Iowa, we will be able to provide reading tutors for a select number of elementary school students.
Sunday School returns September 13 at 11:30.
Due to concerns about the virus, we haven't enough volunteers to run our usual Sunday School. We will offer both a virtual and an in-person option. The in-person option will look and feel like Vacation Bible School and will be held in the cafeteria and outside. As always, we need more volunteers.
City-Wide Reconciliation Worship Event: Sunday, October 4th, 4pm Iowa Capital 
The Uplift:City-Wide Worship Experience 2020: Racial Reconciliation Worship and Prayer Event. 4-5:30 PM.  Considering the strain on race relations over the summer, let’s come together with other churches and celebrate our shared faith in Jesus Christ.  The Zion bus leaves Zion at 3:00 pm if you would like a ride!
New Service:  Once a month on Saturdays 6-7
Zion is launching the Greater City Service on Saturday nights.  This service is open to everyone.  Our special target audience is older STARS kids who have graduated from high school and are lost in the adult world and not attending church.  Some sermon themes may overlap or be repeated from Sundays, but most people won’t notice.  Worship will be lead by Mizo and Swahili service youth as we build a new worship team just for this service which we will try to keep on the third Saturday of the month.  Pastor Boaz and Pastor John are working on this project.  Want to help?  Just ask.  We are planning the first service for October 17.  
The Mhezi Team is having their Nut 'n Honey Fundraiser!  Members of the team will be handing out order forms this Sunday and on-line orders are welcome too. 
Life Line Screening
Zion is hosting Life Line Screening for you and members of the community on December 3, 2020. https://www.lifelinescreening.com/community-circle
Greater City Foundation
Greater City Foundation is a 501(c)3 education non-profit with mission to create a Greater City through assisting immigrant, refugee and urban-core students with their education, food assistance, physical/mental health needs. Three students have completed educational evaluations and we are currently tutoring two young men. We are in need of your prayers, education resources, finances and volunteer tutoring hours. Thank you! Kim
Homeless Outreach
The team will gather Saturday, October 17th at 9 am in the fellowship hall regardless of the weather to prepare and distribute sack lunches and other necessities to our Des Moines area homeless.  They truly are our brothers and sisters in Christ. You will find they are much like us with their own hopes and dreams. Please consider joining this ministry. Team members will be wearing masks and gloves.  
The Clothing Closet   
The Clothing Closet opens for shoppers Tuesday and Wednesdays from 10am to noon. We are accepting donations during office hours, Monday-Thursday 9-3. We need volunteers to sort/fold/restock the clothing closet. Thank you!
Volunteers Needed
We are looking for office volunteers! We are currently open Monday through Thursday from 9AM - 3PM. Please call Kim at 515-270-8142 or email   if you would like to help. Thank you!
Third Thursday
We are missing our monthly fellowship, but looking forward to getting together again as soon as it’s determined to be safe.  Your program ideas and other input are welcome for our future meetings.  Call Faith and Bill Sherman 278-2242.
Furniture Ministry: Is open for donations and distributions.
RightNow Media 
Our church has access to an extensive, new video library called RightNow Media! It's like the "Netflix of Video Bible Studies" and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos. Let us know if you are interested and we'll walk you through the sign up process! We pray that RightNow Media will be a blessing for you and your family!
Women's Bible Study : FALL
You're invited to join a Women's Bible Study led by Isaura Luong and Judy Walford. Give them a call and they will determine the best evening to meet. There will not be child care provided. Contact them at Isaura Luong 515-402-6464 and Judy Walford 515-480-6191.
What is INSTE?  It's an acronym for Institute of Theology by Extension.  The curriculum was developed by friends of Zion, Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti.  Pastor John is looking to INSTE to provide consistent biblical and theological training to our members and provide a way for us to develop the next generation of leaders at Zion.
INSTE classes are about to start!
It's enrollment time for the next INSTE class! We have open enrollment; so even if you weren't a part of the previous class, you are welcome to join us. The course this semester is an introduction to biblical theology; what we believe as followers of Jesus. We need to know what we believe and why we believe it. This will be a fascinating, stimulating time together.
The group meetings will be online by Zoom. Neither rain nor snow, or any pandemic will keep us from meeting. You may contact us by phone or text: Leona (515-988-2047) or Nick (515-988-2255).
Study With Us 
Visit the Zion Lutheran Church Des Moines facebook page to hear the messages from Pastor John, Pastor Robert, Pastor Boaz and Pastor Ringa! If you know someone who doesn't have access to the internet and they would like a paper copy of the devotions, please let us know. 515-270-8142
Men's Breakfast Bible Study
Men's Breakfast Bible study is for the early riser! Join this welcoming group of guys every Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. A delicious breakfast is served, followed by a Bible book study that always promises a great conversation.
Pastor's Reading Group: FALL
A monthly reading and discussion group with Pastor John continues November 10th with Bonfire of the Vanities  by Tom Wolfe.  ISBN 978-0-312-42757-3. You can order the book from Beaverdale Books. Beaverdale Books can be reached at   or 515.279.5400.
The meeting will be held by Zoom at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 10.  Please contact Pastor John to receive log-in credentials.  
January’s book is Learning the Virtues that Lead You to God, by Romano Guardini, Fraternity Press.  January date is the 12th.  Hopefully we can go back to meeting face to face!
Here are your weekly readings! Share your questions and thoughts with Polly Pattison at 991-7173.
Sept 6: 1Sa 31; 1Co 11; Eze 9; Ps 48
Sept 7: 2Sa 1; 1 Co 12; Eze 10; Ps 49
Sept 8: 2Sa 2; 1 Co 13; Eze 12; Ps 50
Sept 9: 2Sa 3; 1Co 14; Eze 12; Ps 51
Sept 10: 2Sa4-5; 1Co 15; Eze 13; Ps 52-54
Sept 11: 2Sa 6; 1Co 16; Eze 14 Ps 55
Sept 12: 2 Sa 7; 2 Co 1; Eze 15; Ps 56-57

Sept 13: 2Sa 8-9; 2Co 2; Eze 16; Ps 58-59
Sept 14: 2Sa 10; 2 Co 3; Eze 17; Ps 60-61
Sept 15: 2 Sa 11; 2 Co 4; Eze 18; Ps 62-63
Sept 16:2Sa 132; 2 Co 5; Eze 19; Ps 64-65
Sept 17: 2Sa 13; 2Co 6; Eze 20; Ps 66-67
Sept 18: 2Sa 14; 2Co 7; Eze 21; Ps 68
Sept 19: 2Sa 15; 2 Co 8; Eze 22; Ps 69

Sept 20: 2Sa 16; 2Co 9; Eze 23; Ps 70-71
Sept 21: 2Sa 17; 2Co 10; Eze 24; Ps 72
Sept 22: 2Sa 18; 2Co 11; Eze 25; Ps 73
Sept 23: 2Sa 19; 2Co 12; Eze 26; Ps 74
Sept 24: 2Sa 20; 2Co 13; Eze 27; Ps 75-76
Sept 25: 2Sa 21; Gal 1; Eze 28; Ps 77
Sept 26: 2Sa 22; Gal 2; Eze 29; Ps 78:1-37

Sept 27: 2Sa 23; Gal 3; Eze 30; Ps78:38-72
Sept 28: 2Sa 24; Gal 4; Eze 31; Ps 79
Sept 29: 1Ki 1; Gal 5; Eze 32; Ps 80
Sept 30: 1Ki 2; Gal 6; Eze 33; Ps 81-82
Oct 1: 1Ki 3; Eph 1; Eze 34; Ps 83-84
Oct 2: 1Ki 4-5; Eph 2; Eze 35; Ps 85
Oct 3: 1 Ki 6; Eph 3; Eze 36; Ps 86
Upcoming Events:
September 27: Nancy Fasse Ordination 10:30 am with lunch to follow
September 28: Drop-In Homework Time Noon-3pm
September 30: Drop-In Homework Time Noon-3pm
October 3: Zion United Prayer 10am-noon
October 4: City-Wide Reconciliation State Capitol 4pm
October 17: Greater City Service 6-7 pm
October 17: Homeless Outreach 9am
November 7 : Zion United Prayer 10am-noon
December 3: Life Line Screening
December 5: Zion United Prayer 10am-noon
May 7-21: Zion mission trip to Jordan 




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