Bulletin Announcements

Zion is looking for a few good employees. 

Zion is looking for mission focused folks as we continue to fill roles we've budgeted for this year. If you know anyone who is gifted in youth work, engagement, office work, financial management; drop a line to Pastor John at  . The BSO committees are continuing to interview and seek out new talent.

Wanted: Beaverdale Parade Organizer

Zion is looking for team members to help organize our participation in this year's Beaverdale Parade. We have 2 choirs and marchers ready, but need help organizing. Interested? Contact Pastor John at  .


Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study with Pastor Tina:

Join Pastor Tina beginning Sunday October 6th at 10:30 in Room 170 in the lower level. We will take a look at the Kingdom of God announced by Jesus as it appeared "upside-down" in first century Palestine. Using the gospel narratives of Jesus' ministry and Donald B. Kraybill's book, The Upside-Down Kingdom, we will discover that Jesus wins by serving and triumphs by losing. Today, God's way still looks upside-down as it breaks into diverse cultures around the world. Kraybill's book may be purchased on Amazon or ordered through local book stores.



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