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Trust Fund Board

The Trust Fund Board is pleased to announce that Pastor John Dovinh has been awarded a $4,403 grant for his upcoming mission trip to Cambodia early next year. The Board has also awarded $3,228 to the Mhezi Ministry Team traveling to Tanzania in January of 2019. The team will be visiting the Mhezi Parish, Gonja Hospital, visiting the schools and students we support, and furthering Christian relationships through Christ. For those who might be interested in a mission outreach activity and need some financial support, please contact a Board member or Pastor John and then complete the application for consideration.

Operation Bethlehem

Should Zion gift people in our city, currently sleeping on the floor, with bed? We've done this for the past three years near Christmas. We do it to honor Jesus, who had no place to lay His head.

We're having financial troubles. Should we plan on ordering the beds this year? The cost of the bed set up is around $110, which includes a single mattress, box spring and frame. In the past, we done 60 beds. If you're interested in donating to this project, talk with Pastor John.

ChurchTech's Fruitbearing Congregation Health Assessment

Zion has an important upcoming opportunity, for which we need your prayerful insights, observations and opinions. 

As part of ongoing desire to be faithful stewards and servants, the leadership of our congregation have decided to undertake a diagnostic assessment.

It is called; ChurchTech's Fruitbearing Congregation Health Assessment. There are various components to this assessment, but your participation is key to making it work. Now you can take part in the survey by following this link: https://churchtech.com/dev/standard-participant-survey/?ppi=3ea6fcb859

Please remember, your honest feedback is essential for this process the produce the most useful information. Also, your participation is kept completely anonymous. We invite you to pray now that this process will bless all of us with wisdom. We hope to have a computer station available in the Church Library before Sunday; so that you can take the survey even if you lack internet access at home

This assessment has a ten year history an it was originally designed by our own global ministry equipper, Rev. Dr. Brad Miller! the entire assessment has been recently updated and Zion is among the first to "test-drive" the newest version. Uniquely to accommodate Zion, we will have paper forms available at the Mizo and Swahili services.

All of those details and instructions will be shared on November 4th.

 Third Thursday

It's Thanksgiving on November 15! Come join us at noon for turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy and all the fixings. Grace Kline will share with us highlights of their family's sabbatical travels. Bring fixings (a side dish) if you can. Hope to see you!

Farewell, my friends!

Dear friends,

I would like to thank each one of you for giving me the opportunity to serve at Zion. This month I'll be my position as the "office lady" here at Zion, and my last day is the 16th. I'll be coming to help with some tasks but I won't be in the office during weekdays.

A few months ago, my husband decided to start a business and while we still have a month or so for the opening day, the project demands more hands and it is for this reason that I'm leaving. while I'm excited about the new project, there is also a big part of me that's sad to say goodbye. I can't  say enough how much I've enjoyed working at Zion, where every day is different and where Jesus shows up constantly.

I would like to thank Pastor John and all the staff. I learned so much from your experience, advice, and guidance. My time spent here has been such a valuable part of my spiritual growth. I'll carry the things I learned forever

It has been amazing working at Zion!

God Bless,



We are in desperate need of volunteers in every area of the church. 



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