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Who are you praying about inviting to church on Easter?

Remember to be praying about your friends or family who need a relationship with Jesus and His church. Pry for them and for you to know when and how to invite them to Zion this Easter.


Help out DMPS

Can you give one day (or more) to help transport a DMPS student who has had to switch schools for is own safety? DMPS is unable to provide transportation this semester. We're looking for rides for a Roosevelt High M-F for the rest of the semester. If interested please contact Pastor John

Karim and Pastor Brad are off to Jordan

Zion members Karim Jawda and Pastor Brad Miller will join up in Mafraq, Jordan, during the week of March 26th. They will visit Syrian refugees as part of the ministry of the church there. Together they will offer prayer, fellowship and a special box of groceries to those displaced by the war in Syria. We prayed for Karim on March 3rd and prayed for Brad on March 17th and took up a special offering that can be carried by them to help pay for the food they will be distributing as well as a donation to the church in Mafraq. Last week's offering was $1505. Thanks! Our goal is $2500.

Memorial for Ali Hashim

Ali Hasim was the son of Karim Jawda and Hanna. He was killed in a bike vs. car accident in August, 2017. His parents would like to erect a memorial stone at the site of the accident. The city of Jojnston has approved the plan and the cost of $2500. If you are interested in donating toward this project please contact Pastor John.


Pastor Andre Brooks

Last Saturday, the grandson of Pastor Andre Brooks was shot and killed in the third homicide. Zion members will remember Pastor Brooks who came to pray with us following the shooting in the Zion parking lot in May of 2017. Please consider writing a brief note of condolence to the Brooks family in the lobby. Zion has provided some meals to the family during this time of grief. Andre is the Pastor of the Kingdom Life International Ministries on Douglas Avenue, just down the street from Zion.




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