Q Commons

Yearly on October 25

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Hosted by Zion Lutheran Church

4300 Beaver Avenue

Des Moines will join more than 150 other cities around the world in this one-of-a-kind event that is truly global and local.

  • Q commons is an event that happens once a year in communities all around the world. Q commons brings the Q learning experience to cities around the world by teaming up with host partners for a unique evening that combines global talks via broadcast with live local presentations.
  • Q Commons is a simulcast style event that combines a global broadcast with live local elements to create an evening that is uniquely global and local. Throughout the two-hour evening, attendees will hear three talks on important topics from recognized presenters via video broadcast, and three live talks from local presenters in their city.
  • there will be just enough time for round-table conversations, and Q&A opportunities to digest the content with friends, colleagues and neighbors. It's a fast-paced evening, filled with lots of meaningful content.
  • Q Commons has been experienced by more than 40,000 individuals across 15 countries and 5 continents.

For more information or any questions or concerns or how to sign up:

click: qcommons.com/desmoines

ziondsm.org/things-we-do/we-are-zion-lets-do-something-beautiful-for-jesus/ scroll down to find.

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